“The Best in the Business.”

September 28, 2017 7:15 am | Published by |

“I have been archery hunting in eastern Alberta with Jack Franklin for many years, very close to 20. In that time, I have shot 14 mule deer bucks, 5 whitetails, an antelope and a moose, all of which were outstanding trophies. I have been lucky enough to harvest 6 bucks over the magical 200-inch mark and several others in the 190’s. It has not been easy, but with a bit of luck, and an outstanding outfitter we have been very successful. I consider Jack to be a very good friend, and I have nothing but respect for the way in which he conducts his outfitting business. His dedication, passion and almost obsessive drive in the pursuit of BIG mule deer has made him in my mind; the best in the business. I do not know anyone who works harder, or cares more about the success of his clients and offering a quality and ethical hunt. I personally have recommended some of my friends and in turn they have recommended theirs. All return on a regular basis for one reason. Franklin Expeditions offers the highest quality hunts around!”